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Seitan "Steak" Fajitas  

Roasted Garlic and Herb Tofu Turkey – Our incredibly delicious tofu turkey stuffed with your choice of seasonal vegetables or stuffing, rubbed with fresh garlic and herbs and baked until golden brown.

Pumpkin-skinned Portabella Mushroom and Grain Loaf – Brown rice, portabella mushrooms, lentils, oats, golden flax seed, herbs and spices baked in a pumpkin skin until golden. Served with au jus sauce.

Pasta Primavera – Tossed with olive oil, fresh garlic and herbs, and served with sun-dried tomato basil and/or creamy vegan Alfredo sauce.

Chana Masala Stew - Traditional Punjabi fare of chickpeas simmered in a sauce of tomatoes, onions and aromatic spices. We also add butternut squash, zucchini, carrots, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, and eggplant making this a delicious and hearty dish.

Creamy Curry Tofu and Vegetable - Our incredible sesame ginger tofu and lightly sautéed bell peppers, onion, carrots, bean sprouts, and mushrooms tossed in our creamy curry sauce.

General Tso’s “Chicken” - This Hunan by way of New York Dish gets remixed as vegan here in Detroit. Tender and juicy pieces of seitan, breaded and baked until golden brown, then tossed in a fabulous sweet and sour sauce with steamed broccoli, carrot and daikon.

Seitan “Steak” Fajitas - Juicy succulent pieces of seitan roasted in traditional Mexican herbs and spices, along with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchini, served with flour tortillas, shredded vegan cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, shredded lettuce, vegan sour cream, and a side of spanish brown rice with black beans and diced tomatoes.


Enchiladas - Flour tortillas generously stuffed with crumbled and sautéed tempeh, bell peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms and black beans, then rolled, smothered in homemade ranchero sauce, creamy cashew cheddar cheese and baked.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Seasoned crumbled tempeh and brown rice mixed with fresh spinach, onion and mushrooms, then rolled in cabbage leaves and topped with diced tomatoes.

Stuffed Manicotti – Whole-wheat manicotti noodles generously stuffed with macadamia nut ricotta, spinach and mushrooms, smothered in a delicious sun-dried tomato basil sauce.

Quiche – Seasonal vegetables of your choice folded into a whipped “egg” mixture of cashews, tofu, turmeric, and paprika, spread into a savory brown rice crust, and baked to fluffy perfection!

Assorted Homemade Mock Meats - Grilled Sesame Ginger Tofu / Vegan Italian Sausage / Vegan Meatballs / Vegan Seitan Chicken.

  Seitan "Steak" Fajitas
Spinach, Artichoke & Mushroom Pie - Baby spinach, artichoke hearts, portabella mushrooms, creamy cashew cheese, onion, parsley, lemon and garlic baked in layers of crispy, golden filo dough. Incredible.


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