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Angela & Aya Eden
Angela & Aya Eden, Heidelberg St. Garden

"Mindful, lovingly grown & handled food naturally calls us to prayer & instills gratitude for the earth, the farmer, the hands that help bring food to our table, ourselves, our ancestors, family, community & all beings." ~Gregg Newsom

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Detroit Evolution


“Conscious eating includes processes beyond knowing calorie counts and nutritional information. It includes knowing where food comes from, how it’s made and how it impacts the world around us. ~Angela Newsom

Detroit Evolution is honored to cater events of any size. Whether your event is a small intimate meeting or a large community gathering, Vegan and Raw Foods Chef Angela Newsom can provide handcrafted healthy and incredibly tasty food. From elegant and celebratory to fortifying and practical, we believe that food plays a vital role in meaningful interactions with others and are pleased to share our talents to this end.

The preparation of food can be a sacred art, and the taking-in of food is an extremely intimate process. We are what we eat and we believe that we can change not only ourselves but the world around us by changing our diet. The awareness that food can create change is empowering. We strive to bring that potential to every Detroit Evolution event.

Detroit Evolution supports community-based urban agriculture and strives to purchase produce directly from the many heroes working to help transform Detroit. We've fostered friendships and partnerships with many farmers and activists. Their generosity and know-how have raised our awareness of low-cost tools and techniques. From refusing to purchase products with unnecessary packaging to helping with vermicomposting projects, we're always mindful of the environment and bring our events as close to Zero Waste as possible.

As you browse the mouthwatering items we've included here, please note that we use Non-GMO & Pesticide Free Local Produce so our menu items may change to reflect the diversity of the seasons. Though we encourage our clients to mind the seasons when planning their events, we will procure domestic & Canadian Organic produce and ingredients if needed.

We also pride ourselves on accomodating any special dietary considerations or concerns, such as a gluten-free diet or nut allergy. Just let us know when placing your order, and we will make sure your menu is customized to fit your needs.

Please contact us with any questions. We'll gladly offer an impressive list of references and encourage you to read our Catering Agreement if you would like Detroit Evolution to handcraft tasty healthy local foods for your event.

In Health, Joy & Liberation,
Angela & Gregg Newsom
Detroit Evolution

Local Food First!
We feature local produce, ingredients and products from: Brother Nature Produce, Raw Detroit Community Farms, D-Town Farm, Blair Nosan, Earthworks Urban Farm, Hampshire Organic Farm, Spirit Farm, Holtz Farm, Grown in DetroitGreat Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. and others to be listed soon.


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